Technical assistance

You 'll have a direct phone access with our technical assistence

FlashMap assumes the commitment to respond to you and intervene for all your needs. You will be able to speak directly with our engineers, in order to provide you with the most complete answer.

Our highly qualified technical engineers are at your disposal to respond to your needs on the technical support line.

We want our clients assisted and followed every time.

Our very trained technicians and engineers are available for any informations, for draw up custom estimates to customer and to to follow step by step the retailers to make the processing in workshop. All the sent files are processed over the opening hours and the assistence is by phone and by mail.

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All our files are tested in respect of reliability and safety parameters of the engine.

without running the risk of losing the warranty of the parent company. Moreover all the elaborations are covered by a 5-year Warranty that protects the customer. The optimizations are aimed at improving the performance parameters, without neglecting the total respect of all the anti-pollution parameters.