About FlashMap

Engine Control Unit Optimization

From an idea dictated to the passion for the motors and the get into the game,  Elettronica La Martina was born in 2006.

In 2008, the first Research & Development center was opened in Turin, where ideas began to come true and become reality, then materialized with the creation of the FlashMap brand in 2012 which literally means "fast mapping".


In 2014 the company becomes FlashMap Srl and Flashmap SA, a Swiss holding company that will take care of the creation and development of the files, is also established.
Finally, in 2017 FlashMap International SA was born, created to bring the activity outside the national borders.

Flashmap is aimed at all those who work in the automotive field (mechanical workshops, car electricians, dealerships ...) who intend to stay in step with the times by offering an increasingly requested service, which allows them to fully satisfy the demands of their customers, guaranteeing maximum reliability, with a minimum investment.

Our network of installers is constantly expanding throughout the national territory and will soon be threatening the rest of the world.